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Welcome to THE SYSTEMIZED BLOG (finally)!

So, I’ve finally pushed through with the blog stuff.
I’ll jump right to it.


I’m Christine, an Online Business Manager (DBM or OBM, whichever you prefer) and Systems Strategist.
I admit that it all started because of the pandemic in 2020 (*cough*Covid*cough*).
So yes, I’m a “rookie” in the online business world at the time of writing. But I have also been very fortunate to have a network of great supportive mentors.
It would have taken me longer to do some things in my business if it weren’t for their guidance.

For my first blog ever, I’ll introduce myself.
Before creating my own business, I came from the Hospitality industry. I graduated in Canada, where I took up Hotel and Restaurant Management and have been in the industry for 10+ years. From hotels to restaurants to lounges to airports to events to even fitness facilities.
I loved even the little things about it. I loved connecting with people, getting to know them and their needs, and even anticipating it.

Before entering the hospitality industry, I wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor.
But back then, I felt I didn’t have time (and patience) to become either. That’s where my love for the law and medical shows come in as I still love law and the human anatomy – it’s just not in the books for me (yet 😉).

I’m also a frustrated musician, and “Omg, am I one.”
Ever since I’ve loved music and have had a reasonably wide music genre preference. This love started growing into a passion for singing, dancing, instrument learning, and making my own music.
Music is one of those things that you’ll never stop learning, and because of this, I have been learning and trying to make my own. However, I have yet to release a single officially.

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So, the blog?

Well. Though I’m not the best writer, I’ve always wanted to have a blog.
My only hope is that you, the reader, and I will see how I improve my writing.
I never started one because I felt so vulnerable. This was back when “vulnerability” was seen as negativity, especially in the business.
But that topic is for another blog.

My blogs will be for anyone thinking of starting their business, from someone established to someone already in the expanding phase.
The blog topics will mostly be business tips, advice, information, entertainment and more. I’ll also put in some personal lifestyle stuff to break from all the work talk!

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I can’t wait to see you all at the next ones!

Christine Damian Blog - Online Business Management + Systems Specialist

Have you started your blog yet?
Or are you still waiting for that “something” to start it?
Comment below!

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