Cleaning up your to do list

Let's get
one thing

You LOVE getting new leads – WHO DOESN’T?!

But the process you currently have isn’t working AND isn’t giving you peace of mind.

So, how do you process your leads to ‘SIGNED AND PAID’ without the stress?

Let me
help you
with that.

Remember how EXCITED you were getting inquiries for your services?

You’re still THAT excited, right?!

Maybe you still are, but you’re starting to feel
like you’re doing more behind the scenes

Do these sound familiar?



You're not alone

You have your friends, family, maybe even kids.
You’re a business owner.
You also might still have that other work.

So many forces are pulling you to be in different directions.
So, why not automate parts of your business when you can?



It’s a Dubsado VIP Day
that focuses on creating and setting up your

lead-to-client conversion.

I’ll help you automate AND personalize your workflow
from your lead capture, all the way to getting paid –
making sure that nothing slips through the cracks
which lets you focus on actually working with your clients.




It all starts with a chat and a questionnaire*.

Your Dubsado VIP Day starts with a 1:1 Discovery Call 
to discuss your goals
and a 45-minute extensive pre-work questionnaire 
where I ask you
to go through your current systems/processes/workflow.
It’s a
“Let’s-open-these-cans-of-worms” type of thing.

Along with the questionnaire, I will give you a complete asset list that I will need from you
to create/update your Dubsado.

*The Questionnaire and Asset List are given after the Discovery Call, the contract is signed, and the initial deposit has been paid.&



We then hop on a 2-3 hour Strategy Call
where we go through your completed questionnaire
and begin mapping and hammering down your customized dream workflows
and personalized automations.

From inquiry emails, to off-boarding transitions.
From needing your approval before a task is done to automatic completion.
These will let you, your team and your clients have a hassle-free experience.



D-DAY. The VIP Day.
Whichever you want to call it.

The day where I set all your settings and assets
(like emails, forms, proposals, contracts, questionnaires, scheduler)
together in your Dubsado account.

During this time, I’ll send you quick messages on Slack,
keeping you updated for every milestone of your Dubsado set up.



I hand over your completed Dubsado with everything live and ready to go.

To help make the process as easy as possible, I’ll provide you with a straightforward recorded training session catered specifically to your account.
This will allow you to navigate through your new system with confidence.
Sit back, relax and watch the recordings whenever you need a refresh.

Have a question that isn’t recorded? That’s ok!
You can contact me through Slack for 30 days after the VIP Day
for any questions, concerns or new found issues.

How it will make you feel

You can expect to ...


Focus on your zone of genius

You got into your business, most likely, because you love what you do. Spending time just to do admin tasks (that can be automated), is taking away your time from actual client work and possibly growing your business.


Smooth your client experience

Forgetting to respond to emails, missing signed contracts and working while unpaid is now a thing of the past for you. No more forgetting to off-board your client too! You can now be confident that you have everything you need before, during and after every project.


Claim your time and dream lifestyle

Having way too much on your plate not only is stressful but it can also lead to burn-out. You started your business for a reason. Now it's time for you to live the life you wanted. A system in place will definitely help you with that.


After the VIP Day, I will provide you with a video recorded walkthrough of your new Dubsado system.

When you start using your new Dubsado system for your Signature service, you may have questions. I will be your personal Certified Dubsado Specialist for 30 days on Slack.

Meet your Dubsado Champ

Hi, I’m Christine Damian, Online Business Manager, Systems Specialist and Certified Dubsado Specialist.

Before I worked in the online world, I was in the Hospitality industry. In that time, I have played an essential part in launching several multi-million dollar brick and mortar companies and several online presences.

Now, I help online creative entrepreneurs like you become efficient and take back your precious time so you can achieve your freedom-based lifestyle.

It starts by having your business foundations on solid ground.

In  2021,  I  joined Dubsado’s official certification program.

That means my skills and training have been evaluated by the Dubsado team and meet their high standards for offering a Dubsado setup service. Active membership includes an annual recertification exam and mandatory feedback surveys, which  I  provide to all clients.

You can directly provide a rating for my Dubsado services in Dubsado’s Community Directory.

Are you ready for these?

Systemize My Empire
Frequently Asked Questions

Any online-based business!
If you provide proposals, contracts, invoices, email communication, client off-boarding in your sales process, then Systemize My Empire will work for you. ​

Yes. It really helps in creating a seamless process of your leads to become clients, from current clients to repeat clients and off boarding. It can actually also help with your internal (team) process.

By automating your repetitive tasks in a workflow, your business sends the message that it’s serious about delivering a high-quality experience to clients.

The prep and planning take 4-6 weeks, depending on if you already have the assets (graphics, email templates and questions).

If you don’t have some or all of the assets needed, don’t worry. I will provide you with “homework” to ensure that we have everything needed to proceed with the VIP Day.

The VIP Day (Dubsado setup) takes only 1 day to complete.​

You’ll need to have your verbiage for the proposal, contract and questions ready.

I will also provide you with a complete “Assets list”.

I can help you write copy for your canned email templates if needed.​

If you prefer having professional copy, I’m happy to recommend a few copywriters.

We’ll focus on your one signature service with 1 workflow.

If more than one workflow is needed, a separate day and pricing will be allotted.​

You can pay 50% to hold a spot and 50% 10 days prior to the VIP Day.

Yes, you can reschedule your VIP Day once.
All I ask is that you reschedule your day no later than 72 hours before your scheduled VIP Day or your day will be cancelled.​

Because of the unique nature of the service, there is no refunds, transfers or exchanges after any payment has been made.​

Of course!

Before VIP Day:
I’m available via email or Slack during office hours for any questions you may have.

During VIP Day:
I’m available via Slack for the entire time while I’m setting up your system. That said, communication is kept for updates only.

After VIP Day:
I will provide further support and training for 30 calendar days via email or Slack after our VIP Day.
If help is needed after the 30 calendar days, I’m still available on a paid hourly basis.​

As Dubsado payments are based on a consistent payment (annual or monthly), I do not cover Dubsado charges or any other charges.

As a Certified Dubsado Specialist, I do, however, have a Dubsado code that you can use that will give you 30% off of your first month or first year subscription.

Definitely! I offer Online Business Management (OBM) as well.

I’ve seen a portion of your business’ behind the scenes.
What better way to keep refining everything else than by continuing to work together!

No worries! Sounds like you’re doing your homework!

Leave a message in the Contact page or send an email at support@christinedamian.com if you have any questions.

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