Remember how excited you were getting new leads?

You're still THAT excited right?!

Maybe you still are, but you're starting to feel

like you're doing more behind the scenes than actual client work

is this you

Your Current Process

Take 1-2 weeks just to close a new lead to client​

Copy and Paste from previous sends/templates

Miss an important document (contract, invoice, etc.) before starting the work

Forget to send an invoice in time before doing the work

Take forever to reply to an email

I'm about tell you something you already know

You love getting new leads - WHO DOESN'T?!

But the process you currently have isn't working AND isn't giving you peace of mind..

So how do you process your leads to close without the stress?

Dubsado VIP Systemize My Empire

Systemize My Empire

Dubsado VIP

Your time as a business owner is precious.

You maybe have a family, maybe even with kids.

You might still have that non-remote work.

So many forces are pulling you to be in different directions.

So why not automate some business processes when you can?

That's where Systemize My Empire comes in.


It's a Dubsado VIP Day that focuses on creating and setting up your new and improved lead-to-client conversion.

You already do so much in your business - getting and securing a new lead should be an exciting and easy process!

We'll automate AND personalize your workflow from your lead capture all the way to you getting paid - making sure that no lead slips through the cracks and letting you focus on actually working with the clients.



I have spent a long time dabbling with multiple CRM software and tools; some of which went down like a lead balloon, and others that powerfully transformed the day-to-day of my clients. But, it’s safe to say that my winner for CRMs is Dubsado!

An all-around champion of the people, as I like to call it. A high-quality, robust, and professional client management solution, it has been designed to streamline your client management ‘to-do‘ list.


Wherever you may be in the business, speeding up your tasks is a priceless way of entering new levels of success through building meaningful client relationships, scheduling meetings with video call links, and creating a workflow that will help streamline the flow of projects from conception to completion. Versatile, time-efficient and dependable: The Dubsado formula. 

Now, overhauling your business processes can be a daunting prospect. One task can lead to another task needing to be done and so on and so forth. Or your processes might be working for you now but will it work for you when you want to start growing your business?

Well, it’s time to look to the future and enter a world of streamlined responsibilities

and record levels of free time.

Certified Dubsado Specialist Light Badge.png

In  2021,  I  joined  Dubsado's official certification program.  That means my skills and training have been evaluated by the  Dubsado team and meet their high standards for offering a Dubsado setup service. Active membership includes an annual recertification exam and mandatory feedback surveys,  which  I  provide to all clients. You can provide a rating for my Dubsado services directly in Dubsado's Community Directory (link coming soon).

Proposals, Contracts & Forms

With an eagle-eye for the finer details, I will work hand-in-hand with you to curate a stack of templates to ease up your business processes. Creating a fully customized customer experience, it’s time to re-look at your responsibilities which may ‘do the job’, but don’t quite ‘add’ to your brand.


From proposals, contracts, questionnaires and forms, to a whole host of legal agreement documents that will inevitably be required throughout your projects’ lifecycles, I will help you establish your authority through customized templates, ready to go whenever you need them.

Complete with your provided business branding, as well as all of the necessary fields to compile the key information, my hands-on help will transform your brand perception as one with keen attention to detail, oozing with credibility.

Appointment Scheduling

Your first opportunity to connect with clients, laying the foundations to lasting relationships, meetings are often a fast-track route to establish trust with future clientele, and with in-person meetings becoming replaced with their virtual counterparts, it’s only more important to get it right.


Taking advantage of effective appointment scheduling will allow you to enter a new world of productivity, with your clients given the ability to directly book appointments with you on an availability-dependent slot system, even boasting a pre-set daily meeting limit.

Say goodbye to time-consuming schedule checking, clients waiting on hold, and misplaced post-it notes with scribbled meeting times. Dubsado is a no-fuss one-stop hub, allowing you to check your schedule on the go as clients seamlessly book themselves in.


You can set your parameters in advance, including the buffer time between meetings for sufficient wrap-up time, and leave the rest to Dubsado. And the best part? From website embedding to setting up auto-reminders, and even rescheduling clients, I’ll handle it all. A stress-free A-to-Z.

Automate Business Workflow & Templates

Whether you lead a small-yet-mighty team of professionals, or you’re a solopreneur taking on the business realm alone, staying on top of every aspect of your business is no mean feat.

From forgotten emails that incite audible gasps as you finally remember, to calls that just aren’t being answered timely as your all-important responsibilities begin to break down the flood gates, it’s vital to transform your processes to ensure all tasks are smoothly executed. 

We’ll automate your business workflow.
Now, this doesn’t mean stripping your business from the personal touch that makes you, well... you. 
From canned email templates so that repetitive emails aren’t demanding hours of your day (and importantly, no rushed, poorly-worded emails landing in your clients’ inboxes) to automatic reminders to notify you and your clients of any incomplete forms, your business will begin to run like clockwork, with a noticeable improvement in speed and quality of your communication. 

Your business, but better. Getting you back in control of your brand, one transformation at a time.

Dubsado Specialist VIP Systemize My Empire



It all starts with a chat.

During this 1:1 discovery call, I put my investigator hat on, prizing out the key information that will have a momentous impact on your business.

This will let me in on multiple things about your business:.

· What your business is and how it works
· How you and your team work
· Your pain points
· What tools you’re using
· What tasks we can automate
· Your workflow goals for both client-facing and behind the scenes


I take time to get to know you, your quirks, your goals, and ultimately, what you want from our partnership.


Our first opportunity to collaborate ideas, it’s often a light-bulb inciting event, opening up your business to be injected with the most audacious prospects.


When you decide it’s right for you, it’s time to seal the deal by putting pen to paper and signing a contract.

Whether you opt to pay in full or choose the payment option, you’ll pay the initial investment at this stage, before putting the wheels in motion.


It’s time to delve into the deep end! Using my tried-and-tested methods to locate areas of growth, I send over an extensive pre-work questionnaire, helping me get to the nitty-gritty of your new and improved system with Dubsado.

From your business goals and branding to workflows and enquiries, as well as off-boarding, emails and forms, it will become the hub of all knowledge, helping us seamlessly communicate.


During this phase, you will become up-to-date with Dubsado as I work on setting up your account, noting our conversations and plans thus far.


From settings, schedulers and forms, to canned emails, packages and payment schedules, as well as an efficient workflow process, your responsibilities just reduced tenfold.

Taking the load from your shoulders, it’s time to spend your time where it counts; from a relaxing hike to finally watching that movie, or perhaps some family time, catching up on what you’ve missed as you become unchained from your business responsibilities. 


Note: Please be accessible via Slack during this phase so I 



It’s time to look towards the future with the help of Dubsado.

To help make the process as easy as possible, I’ll provide you with a straightforward recorded training session that will allow you to navigate through your new system with confidence.


No excess time spent trying to navigate through the many options – sit back, relax, and watch the recording back whenever you need a refresh.

With your satisfaction in mind, you can contact me via Slack for 30 days after the VIP Day with any questions, concerns or issues.





Systemize My Empire


Who do you work with?

I work with any service-based business such as (but not limited to) VAs, coaches, photographers, videographers, and event planners.

Will CRM software resolve my business problems?

With years of experience in using business management solutions and software, I can guarantee that a CRM software suited to your business can enhance your client support and acquisition strategy. By automating workflow, setting up personalized business documents, and creating an appointment scheduling system, your company sends the message that it is serious about delivering a high-quality experience to customers and clients. I offer my signature service, Systemize My Empire in a Day. This professional and hassle-free customer relationship management service will save you time and energy to focus on making creative decisions about your business. You can leave the repetitive and time-consuming tasks to me as you concentrate on duties higher on the priority list!

How long will the set up take?

The prep and planning take 4-6 weeks, depending on if you already have graphics, email templates and questions templates. I will provide you with “homework” to ensure that we have everything needed to proceed with the setup.
However, the actual Dubsado setup is only 1 day for me to complete.

What do I need before we start working together?

I will provide you with an “Assets list” of what you’ll need for the entire setup but you’ll need your verbiage for the proposal, contract and questions.
I will also help you write copy for your canned email templates if needed.

How many workflows can you setup?

We’ll focus on your one signature service workflow with 1 workflow
If more than one workflow is needed, a separate day and pricing will be allotted.

Do you have a payment plan?

Let me know during our Discovery Call.

Can I re-schedule my VIP Day?

Yes, you can reschedule your VIP Day once.
All I ask is you reschedule your day no later than 72 hours before
your scheduled VIP Day or your day will be cancelled.

Will I have access to you after the VIP Day and training session?

Of course! I will provide further support and training for 30 calendar days via Slack after our VIP Day and training session. If help is needed after the 30 calendar days, I’m still available on a paid hourly basis

Do you cover Dubsado payments?

Because Dubsado payments are based on a consistent payment (annual or monthly), I do not cover Dubsado charges.
I do, however, have a discount code for Dubsado that you can use. As a Certified Dubsado Specialist, I offer this code will give you 30% off your first month or first year subscription

Dubsado Specialist VIP Systemize My Empire