01. Who do you work with?


I work with any service-based business such as (but not limited to) VAs, coaches, photographers, videographers, and event planners.

02. Will CRM software resolve my business problems?

With years of experience in using business management solutions and software, I can guarantee that a CRM software suited to your business can enhance your client support and acquisition strategy. By automating workflow, setting up personalized business documents, and creating an appointment scheduling system, your company sends the message that it is serious about delivering a high-quality experience to customers and clients.


At Christine - Digital Business Services, I offer my signature service, Systemize My Empire in a Day. This professional and hassle-free customer relationship management service will save you time and energy to focus on making creative decisions about your business. You can leave the repetitive and time-consuming tasks to me as you concentrate on duties higher on the priority list!

03. How long will the setup take?

The prep and planning take 4-6 weeks, depending on if you already have graphics, email templates and questions templates. I will provide you with “homework” to ensure that we have everything needed to proceed with the setup.
However, the actual Dubsado setup is only 1 day for me to complete.

04. What do I need before we start working together?

I will provide you with an “Assets list” of what you’ll need for the entire setup

but you’ll need your verbiage for the proposal, contract and questions.
I will also help you write copy for your canned email templates if needed.

05. How many workflows can you setup?

We’ll focus on your one signature service workflow with 1 workflow
If more than one workflow is needed, a separate day and pricing will be allotted.

06. Do you have a payment plan?

A $2,100 deposit (50% of the total amount) will be required to hold your date when you sign the contract. The remaining 50% of the remaining balance is due 7 days before the original VIP Date.


07. Can I reschedule my VIP Day?


Yes, you can reschedule your VIP Day once.

All I ask is you reschedule your day no later than 72 hours before

your scheduled VIP Day or your day will be cancelled.

08. Will I have access to you after

the VIP Day and training session?

Of course! I will provide further support and training for 30 calendar days

after our VIP Day and training session.

If help is needed after the 30 calendar days, I’m still available on a paid hourly basis.

09. Do you cover Dubsado payments?

Because Dubsado payments are based on a consistent payment

(annual or monthly), I do not cover Dubsado charges.

I do, however, have a discount code for Dubsado that you can use.




Image by Brooke Cagle


Image by Nathan Dumlao