Get your time back

Let's make


Go from

"I have way too much on my plate"


"I'm excited that I can create impact and help others with my services!"

Do these sound familiar?


When you're not confident with how your business runs,

you'll be hesitant to grow

Let's change that

Imagine how it would feel to …

Be excited and look forward to growing your business while being able to spend quality time outside of work

You may have started your business because you wanted to break free from the 9-5 or shift work that doesn’t fuel the fire inside you.

So, why do you allow yourself to work day and night almost every single day? You know, 24/7/365?

Being an entrepreneur, your task list usually seems like it never ends – then add all the new ideas you’d like to implement too. 

It’s easy to say, “Just one more project”, “Just one more hire” or “When I reach a certain $$ amount, I’ll start walking into my CEO shoes.

The thing is,
YOUR business SHOULD grow with YOU.



You were made for more than

You know your business
could be better.
It just feels like something is missing.

And no. Sometimes, that something
isn’t another freebie, video, course or another VA.

You need
a second brain or
someone who cares for your business
as much as you do

because you can't always be on.

I work with you

making sure that nothing slips
through the cracks

which lets you focus on
actually working with your clients
or taking your well-deserved time-off.


*Some but not limited to



Because there’s always a project happening in the background
– whether it’s already launched or something still in the works.

Be rest assured that the right tasks are done, at the right time,
in the correct order or way, by a qualified team. 



Whether you have an employee or independent contractor team member,
you’ll want everyone to stay on top of things about your company AND your projects.

No micro-managing here, just managing expectations and trusting the team.



As your business scales, those time-consuming (and maybe dreaded)
day-to-day tasks won’t make sense for YOU to do anymore.

You focus on YOUR zone-of-genius, while the team and I make sure
everything behind the scene is working like a well-oiled machine.

What to expect




It all starts with a chat and a questionnaire*.

Our collaboration starts with a 1:1 Discovery Call
to discuss your goals and see if we’re the right fit for each other.
When we are, I will send you
extensive pre-work questionnaire
where I ask you to go through your current situation
(your offers, systems/processes/workflow, and the like).
It’s a
“Let’s-open-these-cans-of-worms” type of thing.

Along with the questionnaire,
I will give you a list that I will need
from you to start my work.

*The Questionnaire and List are given after the Discovery Call,
the contract is signed, and the initial deposit has been paid.n


We then hop on a 2-3 hour Strategy Call
where we both go through everything,
begin mapping and hammering down
your customized action plan,
so you can get your head back in the game
where you’re needed the most.

From operations to content creation;
from project planning to maintaining communities;
we want you, your team and your clients
to have a hassle-free and impactful experience.

So, yes, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of thing.

Your company and its needs are
not the same as the others,
so why get the same treatment?





The day when we start operating as a business
that adapts to your dream lifestyle.
We create and implement structure and guidelines
but still have room for creativity and growth.

This is the longest phase we’ll be in, regular and effective communication from everyone involved is crucial.
Video calls and emails (and possibly Slack, if you use it)
will be used.

Now that you’ve gotten A LOT of your time back,
you can focus on your zone of genius and
become the CEO of the business that you’ve dreamed of

How it will make you feel

You can expect to ...


Focus on your zone of genius

You got into your business, most likely, because you love what you do. Spending time doing tasks that can be automated, having endless meetings that lead to uncertainty or simply not knowing which steps to take after an idea are taking away your time from your zone of genius. All that which makes you feel tired but also feel like you haven't done a lot.


Smooth your work and client experience

Any task that take you away from your zone of genius or isn't income-generating shouldn't take more time than it currently does. Keep moving your business needle even when you're working on client-facing tasks or content creation. You can now be confident that you have everything you need before, during and after every project.


Claim your time and dream lifestyle

Having way too much on your plate not only is stressful but it can also lead to burn-out. You started your business for a reason. Now it's time for you to live the life you wanted. I step in to help you with tasks outside of your CEO scope.

Hi! Christine here!

Your Online Business Manager and Systems Specialist.

Before I worked in the online world, I was in the Hospitality industry. In that time, I have played an essential part in launching several multi-million dollar brick and mortar companies and several online presences.

Now, I help online creative entrepreneurs, like you, become efficient and take back your precious time so you can achieve your freedom-based lifestyle.

In this very digital-minded era, I feel that it’s important to be able to adjust your life and work to how you want it. No romanticizing “hustle culture” here.

I can help create and implement strategies that allow for better business operations.  I thrive on finding how to make things (systems, processes, labour, etc.) better BUT I also know that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

A tech, digital and systems geek, I use my expertise to utilize whatever is needed to make the business run smoothly and effectively.

You’re here because you’ve realized (or finally admitted to yourself) that having and running a profitable business is not a walk in the park.

Christine Damian Online Business Manager and Systems Strategist | Dubsado VIP Day Systemize My Empire | Business Setup Guide Build My Empire | Online Business Management

Are you ready for these?

Online Business Management
Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to lessen your task in doing and managing everything by yourself and WANT to become your field’s expert, then YES.

An OBM INVESTMENT can help you with the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on making what you dreamt your business to be.

Any creative, online entrepreneur that offer digital services or products that has at least 1-2 VA.

You’ll need:

  • at least 1-2 VAs in your team
  • at least 5-figures income consistently
  • Driven and Goal-oriented

That’s perfectly fine! The more reason why you need my help!

I’ll help you create, organize and maintain everything behind the curtains!

I don’t offer packages as every business needs are different.

My services start with 20 hours/month for $1,800.

Yes! Retainer hours are perfect for when you need a monthly on-going support.

Unused retainer hours do not roll over.

When hours are repeatedly going over, I will be communicating them to you and we can discuss.

Yes, but it’s for internal info. I use Clockify and Dubsado/HoneyBook for time tracking.

Yes! You can pay 50% every 14 days.

A month’s payment would have to be paid before the end of that month.

I do but my team doesn’t do any of my client work. I work with YOUR team.

No one will be onboarded to your team without your knowledge and permission.

Because of the unique nature of the service, there is no refunds, transfers or exchanges after any payment has been made.​

Of course! I provide email or Slack support for 14 days after our contract concludes. If help is needed after that, I’m still available on a paid hourly basis or with a contract renewal.

As software/subscription payments are based on a consistent payment (annual or monthly), I do not cover any other charges.

I do, however, have several discount codes that you can use.

No worries! Sounds like you’re doing your homework!

Leave a message in the Contact page or send an email at support@christinedamian.com if you have any questions.