Online business management


A collaboration. An alliance. A partnership.

Opting to work with Christine - Digital Business Services opens up a world of opportunity, where systems become streamlined and your business transformation begins.

From outlining plans, working hands-on with projects to ensure punctuality, and handling business programs, to managing new revenue streams, automating business processes, and taking care of general business activities, as well as the overall management of day-to-day business activities,

I work metaphorically hand-in-hand with you, creating seamless solutions.

At my core, I work to make your business practices more efficient, streamlined, and profitable.

I have honed my online business management skills to become an asset to your team,

as an expert set of eyes to transform your business practices.

A reliable and dedicated online business manager, I will become your right-hand person.

The 'go-to', who you can trust to solution-seek, no matter the issue.

Ultimately, my role is to provide you with the peace of mind that every aspect of your business is being taken care of, from the pesky day-to-day challenges that slip through the net to those projects that are in dire need of a little TLC.

It’s time for a shakeup, opening the doors to light-bulb moments,

as your business goes from strength to strength.

The trio to transform your business:
•    Project management
•    Team management
•    Operations management

Do you REALLY need an Online Business Manager?

What brought you to this page? Perhaps it was by a trusted recommendation, or maybe a search engine brought me into your peripheral. Whatever the route may be, something drew you in, searching for an added set of hands and an extra pair of eyes to help transform your business.

As the owner of a continuously growing business, delegating tasks can often be a daunting prospect. You know *exactly* how you like it done, so it’s easier to just do it yourself, right? After all, nobody can see your vision. That’s where I come in!

To truly grow, it’s time to re-look at your business processes. Are they as seamless as they can possibly be? Are tasks being executed timely, free of overwhelm? I work hand-in-hand with you to take the load off your plate, so that you can devote your time where it truly counts, from creative decision-making to shot-calling. My input spans from simple maintenance tasks to ease up your schedule to strategic business consulting, giving you a comprehensive range of services.

By joining forces with me, you’ll save your time, energy, and sanity. A small change with unparalleled results.

Project Management

You’re seeing the growth you scaled for, and your business is on track to become a powerhouse, whether that’s launching a new product, releasing a new service, or even acquiring another business.

No longer a simple A-to-B service, it’s time to implement new processes as more cogs are introduced into the machine, each one with slightly different demands. It’s at this stage when business owners start to feel out of touch; what was once their pride and joy is now becoming an explosion of energy, with business resources such as employees, teams, and assets all over the place! It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to get more hands on deck at this point, but read on, and let your bank balance thank you for it.

As your project manager, I will be responsible for implementing a cohesive business strategy to streamline each aspect of your project. From ensuring that all team members work in harmony to adhering to project deadlines, it’s my job to keep a watchful eye over each phase of the project, from conception to completion. Creating an innovative path to guide us through the next few weeks and months, I will keep track of your teams with a stringent tick-list, can-do attitude, and bucket-load of resources in tow.

A proactive project manager, I take pride in being one step ahead, submitting regular reports about the ‘who, what, where and when’ before you need to ask for it, keeping you in the loop at all times.

I will take care of:
•    Outlining goals and objectives
•    Handling simultaneous project timelines
•    Supervising collaboration between various teams
•    Project budgeting
•    Keeping you informed with progress reports and project direction

Team Management

Approaching each environment with an enthusiastic, uplifting slant, I work to inject a sense of pride into your team culture, where bouncing into the office meets camaraderie, with strong communication and a seamlessly integrated team at the heart of your foundations. 

With a laser-focused management strategy, I work to nurture your business as it grows, alongside an ever-expanding employee-base. From those critical moments where a streamlined team will determine make-or-break points to the seamless integration of day-to-day responsibilities, I will be responsible for overseeing the progress made by team members. Whether they’re not getting the killer results you foresaw during the interview stage, or they’re drowning in stress-scribbled post-in notes with no end in sight, I overhaul the process with efficiency and consistency in mind. A better ‘you’, with the results to follow.

Warning: A happy team is a productive team! You heard it here first.

Working with Christine - Digital Business Services comes with a promise. You will realize “why didn’t I do this sooner?” at least once during our partnership, noticing a vast improvement from the way your business operates to the money padding your pockets from my winning formula of services. With my emotional intelligence, ability to connect targeted business objectives with desired outcomes, business skills, ability to delegate tasks, and clarity in communication, I think it’s a match made in heaven. Do you?

Operations Management

When you start as a business, you might not notice your current small business inefficiencies. After all, whatever you’re doing seems to be working, and while it may take a little longer, you’re comfortable with how things are. But is that really how things should be?

As your business expands, those time-consuming, dreaded tasks will become amplified. From sending almost-identical emails umpteen times per day to repetitive administrative tasks that you’re in dire need of an added set of hands to help with, it’s easy to become content in your tried-and-tested processes that are merely holding you back. Psst… an overhaul is incoming.

As your online business manager, it will be my job to automate business systems, create cohesive plans for day-to-day business activities, and overall streamline business operations. Taking to your systems with a fine-toothed comb, I will locate even the smallest areas of improvement, with momentous results.


Ultimately, the goal is to simplify business processes and generate the highest possible level of efficiency, helping to free you from your firmly-attached smartphone and muscle-memory emails, guiding you through to a new realm of opportunity through detail-oriented cost and benefit analysis. 

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We'll start our work with a questionnaire.

During this time, I will ask you to let me know what your goals, wants, and needs are for this project.

I will then review any and all systems in order to determine any existing pain points and/or leverage

We will develop a list of any and all solution possibilities based on this Discovery Phase. 



After reviewing your current systems and outlining possible solutions,


I will work together with your team to implement the best solution.


This approach tailors the solution specifically for your company's needs and ensure it does not include excess paid services for which you will not need.



Using our Discovery Call, Game Plan Call, questionnaire and everything in between, it's time for me to dive deep into work!

Once we have both agreed upon a solution, our team will begin implementing the plan.


We will first deliver a detailed outline of the plan with a timeline that includes all relevant due dates and/or deliverables.

You will be kept updated along with ongoing monthly Strategy meetings.


We'll start our work with a questionnaire.

During this time, I will ask you to let me know what your goals, wants, and needs are for this project.

I will then review any and all systems in order to determine any existing pain points and/or leverage

We will develop a list of any and all solution possibilities based on this Discovery Phase. 



01. Who do you work with?


I work with any service-based business such as (but not limited to) VAs, coaches, photographers, videographers, and event planners.

02. Do I need an OBM/DBM?

If you don't want to keep doing and managing everything by yourself

and WANT to become your niche's expert, then YES.
An OBM INVESTMENT can help you with the nitty-gritty

so you can focus on making what you dreamt your business to be.

03. I don't have everything ready and organized for you yet.

That's perfectly fine! The more reason why you need my help!

I'll help you create, organize and maintain everything behind the curtains!

04. What about retainer hours?

Unused retainer hours do not roll over.

When hours are repeatedly going over,

I will be communicating them to you and we can discuss.

05. Do you track your time?

I use Dubsado and Clockify for time tracking.

Reports can be shared for the first few months to see if hours need to be adjusted.

06. Do you have a payment plan?


Let me know during our Discovery Call.


07. Do you have a team?


I have a team but I will work with your team if you already have.
No one will be onboarded to your team without your knowledge and permission.

08. Will I have access to you after

our contract ends?

Of course! I provide Slack support for 14 days after our contract concludes.
If help is needed after that, I'm still available on a paid hourly basis

or with a contract renewal.

Image by Brooke Cagle