Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur that's




I've got the thing for you.

Finally, a simple and straightforward answer
to creating a well-built business foundation
wasting time, effort and stress
from the never-ending online searching and freebies!

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Go from

“How do I start my business online from scratch?”

to a fully functional, ready to get clients' business
- without pulling your hair out and getting decision fatigue.




You have the idea.

You sort of have a plan.

You see the future.

You've searched high and low

for what you shoulda-woulda-coulda do.

The vast knowledge of the online world is great

but it can lead to decision fatigue.

Yup, I've been there.

Online Business Manager Systems Strategist Work from Home Business Setup Guide

97% of self-employed professionals say they would never go back to traditional employment. (FreshBooks)

What if that was YOU?

What if YOU controlled
your career, freedom and your financial status?

Does this sound like you?
Build My Empire Business Setup Guide
Now picture this ...

👉🏻 You’re overwhelmed and don’t have time to search every single thing online on how to start your own business.


👉🏻 You don’t know how to find the ideal clients but you know what you want to sell (service or product).

👉🏻 You feel like an imposter because you’ve never started your own business, you’ve failed before or you don’t want to fail yourself and your clients.


👉🏻 You’re currently sending routine emails one by one or you have no idea how that could be replaced by automation software.

👉🏻 You use software because “that’s what everyone else is using” even though it’s not working for you as smoothly as you imagined.


👉🏻 You sort of have client-facing systems set up but your legal and accounting systems are a mess.


👉🏻 You procrastinate thinking that you won’t need it yet but when it’s tax season, need to hire or anything that requires your business’ legalities determined, you scramble laying them out at the last minute.


👉🏻 You signed up on all the trendy social media platforms and tried posting consistently but you’re not getting high-quality clients and you’re burned out from content planning and creation.
👉🏻 You may have followers but most of them are from “engagement pods”, “follow for follows” or they’re just not your target audience.


👉🏻 You use software that isn’t properly integrated with the other software you use, which uses up your precious time when you manually input the necessary info.


👉🏻 You’re paying for expensive software that isn’t working for you or is too complicated for your business and your needs.

👑 You know the step-by-step on starting a business and you're not stuck on a searching loophole.

👑 Your ideal clients can easily find you and just give you their money for your services

👑 You want to be confident about your business, services and products and show your clients that YOU are an authority in your industry.

👑 You see more payments from your client coming in to your bank account because you’ve established your payment process.

👑 You are confident with your software because you know what works well with your system and processes.

👑 You have peace of mind knowing that you are operating on legal grounds.

👑 You can easily be a content-creation machine because you are clear about whom you serve / your ideal clients are
👑 You don’t rely just on social media to communicate to your audience because you’ve built your website that YOU control.
👑 You wear your CEO-thinking hat and put your effort towards income-generating activities because you know that your business foundation is already set up and laid out properly.

👑 Your target audience knows you and your business’ brand because you’ve sorted out your brand identity and you are cohesively using it throughout your digital marketing assets.

👑 You get to spend time with family and friends instead of going on countless webinars, getting freebies or online searching what could be your next foundational step in your business.

👑 You are surrounded by entrepreneurs who are in the same situation as you, so the group knows what you're dealing with.



you because I've been there too.

When I was starting my online business, I was so deep in the rabbit-hole of Google search and buying multiple products  - even though some of them don’t even work for my business’ purpose.

I bought them thinking “I need it because they (the guru’s) said so” or “They apparently succeeded using those methods, certainly I will too, right?”.

Because of this, I wanted to help entrepreneurs to avoid that situation: wasting their precious time and money on something that they don’t need at the beginning phase of their business.

I wanted to help new online entrepreneurs, like yourself, by showing the path

to set up their business’                                                                           first before anything else.

One of the goal was to lessen your overwhelm and stress from all the unnecessary never-ending searching.

Online Business Manager Systems Strategist Work from Home Business Setup Guide
Online Business Manager Systems Strategist Work from Home Business Setup Guide

So, what does that mean for you?
You don’t have to search every single step online and go down the searching rabbit hole which will just lead you to become stuck or just have partially solved your problems.

You will know or will be selective in which digital products/course you buy - because we know, from personal experiences, that not all of them gets opened or gets what YOUR specific business needs.

You’re not alone on this exciting new journey.
Whether by cheering you on or listening to you vent, I’m in your corner.

Online Business Manager Systems Strategist Work from Home Christine Damian

Hey Boss!

Christine here 👋🏻

So, why trust with me?

Before I worked in the online world, I was in the Hospitality industry. In that time, I have played an essential part in launching several multi-million dollar brick and mortar companies and several online presences.


I have helped develop systems and processes from scratch and refine them to keep improving efficiency.

Operations, systems and processes run in my veins.

My past experiences have led me to learn how one task can be done in a multitude of ways and end with (relatively) the same result.

Now, I work online with creative entrepreneurs by creating a more efficient client and team experience and by helping them build a streamlined process while sprinkling it with their personality.

Online Business Manager Systems Strategist Work from Home Business Setup Guide
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Build My Empire

is the step-by-step proven path

to help you get

Clarity on your business goals and what you offer so you can better cater to your ideal target audience

Security that your business’ legal and accounting are set up properly so can have peace of mind that no one will run after you because you set up your legal stuff wrong

Started to create your very own digital space so you can shout to the digital rooftops that you have a business and an offer that will help them go from A to Z

What's in the guide

The guide takes you from the start, all the way to launch.

It's designed to be done in order to make sure that you got your ducks all in a row when you move forward to the next steps.

Your Purpose and Goals

Before anything else,

let's get clear on this

Legal Talk

Let's cover our a**es, ok?

Money Matters

You want to get paid properly and immediately, yeah?


Setting up your battle station

Brand Identity

Representing your business

Website and Social Media

Your digital home base.


Because your notebook and pen are good and all but think SCALABLE


Officially launching your business

Extra Resources

What?! There's more?!

Also ...

I'm going to help you build your online business.

From scratch.

From just your idea.

From zero set up.

Because everyone starts from nothing.

Business Setup

The Roadmap shows you what stage you are in the guide.

Private BME Community

Connect, network, get support and feedback from me and the entire BME group, who's also in the deeps with you!

This guide will help you


create your business' foundations


so that you are ready for

Online Business Manager Systems Strategist Work from Home Business Setup Guide


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