Want to escape your

'Employee Status'


'Entrepreneur Life'

but don't know where to start?

I did
and here’s
how I started the journey.


a simple and straightforward answer to
creating a well-built business foundation

WITHOUT the stress of wasting time and effort
from the never-ending, online searching and freebies
that only takes you half-way the starting process.

Go from

“How do I start a business online from home?”


“How do I scale my company up?”


You have the idea.
You sort of have a plan.

You’ve searched high and low
for what you shoulda-coulda-woulda do.

The vast knowledge of the online world is great
but it can lead to decision fatigue.


I know what you feel
'cause I've been there too

When I was starting my online business, I was so deep in the rabbit hole of Google search and buying multiple products  – even though some of them don’t even work for my business purpose.

You’ve most likely bought them thinking “I need it because they (the gurus) said so” or “They apparently succeeded using those methods, certainly I will too, right?”.
The thing is, it’s too complicated for where you are right now.

One of the goals is to lessen your overwhelm and stress from all the unnecessary never-ending search.

With this, I wanted to help you, new online entrepreneurs, by showing the path on how to set up your business foundations first before anything else and avoid wasting your precious time and money on something that you don’t need at the beginning stage of your new business.

Business Setup Guide Roadmap Private Build My Empire Community

You’re ready for things to feel easy—and good.

You don’t have to search every single step online which will just lead you to become stuck, only have partially solved your problems or have decision paralysis.

You will efficiently be selective of which digital products or courses you buy – because we know, from personal experiences, that not everything you buy gets your proper attention or understands what specifically YOUR business needs.

Your step-by-step proven path to help you get ...


Clarity on your business goals and what you offer

You can better cater to your ideal target audience


Security that your business' legal and accounting are setup properly

You can have peace of mind that no one will run after you because you've set up your legal stuff wrong.


Start to create your very own digital space

You can shout to the 'digital' rooftops that you have a business and an offer that will help them go from A to Z.

The guide takes you from the start, all the way to launch.
It’s designed to be done in order to make sure that you got your ducks all in a row when you move forward to the next steps.

Purpose and Goals

Before anything else, let's get clear on these

Legal Talk

Let's cover out a**es, ok?

Money Matters

You want to get paid properly and immediately, yeah?


Setting up your 'battle station'

Brand Identity

How will you represent your business in the online world?

Website and Social Media

Your digital 'home base'


Your notebook and pen are good and all but think SCALABLE.


Officially launching your business

Extra Resources

What?! There's more?!

I’m going to help you build your online business.

From scratch.
From just your idea.
From zero set up.

Because everyone starts from nothing.

Setup Roadmap

The Business Setup Roadmap shows you what stage you are at with the guide.

BME Community

Connect, network and get support and feedback from me and the entire BME group, who’s also in the deeps with you!

Hi, I’m Christine Damian, Online Business Manager and Systems Strategist.

Before I worked in the online world, I was in the Hospitality industry. In that time, I have played an essential part in launching several multi-million dollar brick and mortar companies and several online presences.

Now, I help online creative entrepreneurs, like you, become efficient and take back your precious time, so you can achieve your freedom-based lifestyle.

It starts by having your business foundations on solid ground.

Are you ready for these?

Business Setup Guide
Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business will work with the Business Setup Guide?

Any online-based business!
That said, please note that the guide (currently) doesn't cover merchandise, inventory and the like for product-based.

How long will it take me to complete the whole process?

It really depends how dedicated you are! I've gathered and outlined the basic BUT VERY IMPORTANT steps for setting up your business' foundation. After you've done the worksheets IN AND OUTSIDE of the guide, it's estimated that you'll be ready in about 90 days!

Do I need to already have an offer (product or service) before getting the guide?

Definitely not! Part of the initial steps is idea validation. So you don't need to completely have everything down before getting the guide!

When and how long will I have access to the Guide and the Facebook Group?

As soon as you buy the guide, you will get the invite to join the Facebook Group. You have lifetime access to the guide, the roadmap and the Facebook Group.

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the unique nature of the product - a digital product - we do not offer refunds, transfers or exchanges after payment has been made. Please decide carefully before purchasing as we do not offer refunds.

What's the currency of the prices listed?

All prices are in USD.

Will I have access to you during the process?

Of course! The Facebook Group is where I'll be at Mon-Fri 10:30am-6:30pm (CST).

I have more questions that isn't listed here.

No worries! Sounds like you're doing your homework! Drop us a message in our Contact page or send us an email at support@christinedamian.com if you have any questions.

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