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My story is ... simple

After I graduated with my Hotel and Restaurant Management degree, I worked in the Hospitality industry for 10+ years. During that time, I have been part of creating workflows and processes from scratch, launching, implementing and operating several well-known multi-million dollar brick and mortar companies and several online presences.

As those businesses grew, so did the need to refine said processes to improve the company’s efficiency. Operations, systems and processes run in my veins – and I love it.

My past experiences have taught me how one task can be done in a multitude of ways and end with (relatively) the same result. Because of this, I understand that businesses don’t work with cookie-cutter processes and unstable systems.

Since leaving the corporate 9-to-5 life, I’ve worked online as a Virtual Assistant, Video Editor and Content Manager. Now, as an Online Business Manager and Systems Strategist, I work with creative entrepreneurs by creating a more efficient client and team experience and by helping them build a streamlined process while sprinkling it with their personality.

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Christine Damian

I’ve always been passionate about helping businesses by setting up systems that work for THEM and not just a cookie-cutter system. One that will lead them to achieve their goals like scale their business confidently, with their revenue and teams.

Having your own business usually means you have ideas that you want to become a reality. You start thinking about launching multiple offers (products or services), and because you shouldn’t do everything by yourself, you may hire impulsively. Without the big picture and nitty-gritty vision on your company, you won’t know if you’re looking and hitting the right goals.

That’s where I come in. I work with you to show you a clear vision of where you want to drive your company and take care of the nitty-gritty that comes with it: your projects, team, systems and day-to-day operations.

You can go back to focusing on your zone of genius (you know, the reason why you started your business) and let me be your second brain – because 2 heads are better than one.


The Fun Stuff

Work from Home Office Desk


Sushi, pasta, steak and Sinigang.


WATER. Iced Chocolate-Flavoured Coffee, London Fog Tea Latte and Milktea with Boba.

Travel Bucket List

AROUND THE WORLD. Europe, Asia, South America.

TV Show

Any medical or law-related shows.


I have always loved music and its wide variety of genres since I was young. If I need to focus, I listen to instrumentals. For everything else, I can listen to ANYTHING, depending on what mood I’m in or want to be in.


AirTable, Asana, Canva, Final Cut Pro X, PreSonus Studio 5 Professional and Notion.

I help busy online entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with customized, clear-cut and scalable systems while living a freedom-based lifestyle.




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