Dubsado VIP Online Business Manager Certified Dubsado Specialist


I work with entrepreneurs who secretly desire a more efficient client experience.

I help them create a system to have a streamlined process while sprinkling it

with their personality. 

Online Business Manager Systems Strategist VIP Day Project Management
Dubsado VIP Online Business Manager Certified Dubsado Specialist


Christine here - your Online Business Manager (OBM/DBM) and Systems Strategist!

I LOVE making lists, planning for the big picture, and organizing anything and everything that is thrown my way.

It's amazing how many online entrepreneurs overlook the need to organize their business projects, teams, and operations in the interest of maximizing productivity and in return, maximizing REVENUE.


I believe that being organized as early as possible is the bedrock of success as a business owner.

You should be ready for whatever your business throws your way, such as high demand or the need to scale your team - not when things start to get messy!

Don't worry though, when you're in the latter - I'm here for you!

I pride myself on being able to juggle tasks that require various skills and expertise.

Performing jobs that demand niche and tech-savvy skills, such as dealing with new or complex software to giving my creative input on important business matters.


You will find that I have an incredibly multi-faceted

and detail-oriented approach to helping businesses grow.

Things I Love

Online Business Manager Systems Strategist VIP Day Project Management
My son

Vanilla Iced coffee



Tech & Gadgets

Medical Shows



Business owners went into their business because of their "zone of genius", not to do the backend grunt work.

That's where I come in. I work WITH you to be the "other" brain in your business - you know, "2 heads are better than one".

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, you will notice that my feed is filled with business strategies, motivation, and entrepreneurial tips about shaking things up in the online workspace.

That’s how much I love helping entrepreneurs like yourself!

Do you want to know the best part? There's more where that came from!

When we work together, it's a collaboration.

As soon as I work with you, my mind objectively analyzes each aspect of your business, such as its project timelines, resource allocation, and team members’ allotment. I can mentally deconstruct the workflow links that hold business systems together to highlight areas of bottleneck for improvement that need to be made more efficient.


It is safe to say that I am obsessed with the process of automating business workflow as I sprinkle it with your business’ unique

brand and values. 

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Certified Dubsado Specialist - Christine Damian
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