What kind of CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR are you? Find out here now!

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Empowering creative online entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur,
then you know that independently managing all aspects of your business
can be extremely exhausting and sometimes impossible!

You may be able to manage and supervise all your tasks in the beginning,
but as your business grows, it’s essential that you grow out of previous roles too!
That’s the time when you’ll need “another YOU”.

I help busy online entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with customized, clear-cut and scalable systems while living a freedom-based lifestyle.



How we can work together ⟶
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Business Setup Guide

Dreaming of starting your own business? Get this guide to set it up from the IMPORTANT FOUNDATIONS all the way to launch.

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Systemize My Empire

Ready to AUTOMATE and PERSONALIZE your sales funnel? Work with your clients without worrying if they signed the contract or if they paid you.

Online Business Management

Work with your clients. Scale your business. All without drowning in day-to-day operations and managing projects. Your sanity, safe.

Let me introduce myself

Online Business Manager

Systems and Workflow Strategist

Certified Dubsado Specialist

HoneyBook Educator

Flavoured Iced Coffee Lover Music Lover , Audiophile Linguaphile

Christine Damian Online Business Manager and Systems Strategist

What kind of

are you?

Everyone has their own style:
it can be about fashion, learning, writing, even singing and dancing.

While all of that is about ‘creative styles‘,
let’s discover what your CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR style is!


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